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Soups & Sides

Miso Tofu

Traditional soy bean soup with tofu
$ 4.50


Steamed soy beans seasoned with sea salt
$ 6.00


Pickled sui choi cabbage seasoned with select chillies, spices and garlic
$ 7.00

Salads & Traditional

Gomae Salad

Blanched spinach and asparagus served with a creamy sesame ginger dressing
$ 7.50

Sunomono Salad

Traditional sweet & sour salad served with cucumber & select kelps add lobster for 2.50
$ 7.50

Yamagoya House Salad

Deep fried tofu, kimchi, cucumber, daikon and green onion with a creamy sesame dressing
$ 18.00

Beef Tataki

Alberta AAA beef slightly seared served with white onion & ponzu sauce
$ 15.25

Chirashi Sushi

Colourful assortment of sashimi and garnishes on a bowl of sushi rice
$ 35.00

Temp Udon (Negi and tiger prawns)

$ 16.00

Udon Plain (Negi only)

$ 13.00




Pork, garlic & onion dumplings, served with dipping sauce
$ 11.75

Japanese Teriyaki Stirfry

Sauteed & served with mixed veggies, rice and salad(Tofu, Chicken, Prawns, Grade AAA Beef)
$ 18.00 – 21.00


(deep fried)

Calamari Karaage

Tender young squid rings marinated & deep fried
$ 14.00

Chicken Karaage

Breaded & deep fried tender chunks of chicken, served with spicy mayo for dipping
$ 14.00

Veggie Tempura

Assortment of yams, carrots & brocolli, battered, deep fried & served with tempura dipping sauce
$ 14.50

Prawn Tempura

Same as above with battered prawns
$ 16.75

Seafood Tempura

Scallops, snapper, tuna, salmon, tiger prawn with veg
$ 19.50

Tuna Tempura

Tempura style nori wrapped tuna, thinly sliced & served with tempura avocado & green onion
$ 16.00

Agedashi Tofu

Deep fried tofu cubes served with soy dashi, green onion & ginger
$ 9.50

Spicy Agedashi Tofu

Same great concept, livened up a little
$ 10.00

Soft Shell Crab Karaage

Deep fried soft shell crab served with avocado tempura & dipping sauce
$ 17.00

All Inclusive Dinners for Two

(price is for 2 people)

Yamagoya Green

Good for the sushi shy. california roll, cucumber roll, inari, tamago and ebi nigiri, miso soup & ice cream
$ 45.00

Yamagoya Black

Jumbo roll, fernie roll, spicy scallop roll, two pieces each of sockeye, tuna, snapper nigiri, tuna, & salmon sashimi, miso soup & ice cream
$ 75.00

Sushi Rolls

Fernie Roll

Tuna, kimchi, tempura bits & green onion
$ 8.00

Jumbo Dynamite Roll

Prawn tempura, avocado & cucumber (8 pieces)
$ 14.50

Spider Roll

Soft shell crab karaage, avocado & cucumber (4 pieces)
$ 13.00

California Roll

Crab & avocado
$ 7.50

Spicy Tuna or Salmon Roll

Spicy tuna or salmon, cucumber, green onion & avocado
$ 8.50

Spicy Scallop Roll

Scallops, red pepper & hot sauce
$ 7.50

Tuna Roll

Albacore tuna & avocado
$ 8.00

Salmon Roll

Sockeye salmon & avocado
$ 8.00

Veggie Roll/Spicy Veggie Roll

Avocado, cucumber & red pepper/kimchi
$ 6.50

BC Roll

BBQ salmon skin & cucumber
$ 6.75

Cucumber Roll

Keeping it simple
$ 5.00

Unagi Roll

BBQ fresh water eel & avocado
$ 7.50

Teriyaki Chicken Roll

Teriyaki chicken and avocado in a tasty sushi roll
$ 7.00

Avocado Roll

Fresh avocado

Tamago Roll

Sweet egg
$ 6.00

Tempura Roll

Deep fried california or tuna roll
$ 9.00

Kazan Roll

Tuna, salmon, kimchi & volcano fire sauce. NOT to be taken lightly!!
$ 8.00

Krista Roll

Avocado roll with green onions on outside topped with sriracha and garlic chips
$ 7.50


Chopped tuna belly and green onion in a nori out side roll
$ 10.00

Inari Avocado Roll

Inari and avocado
$ 6.75


Crab, tamago, avocado, cucumber, inari, spinach, nori out side roll (5 pieces)
$ 9.00

Nigiri Sushi

Priced per piece


$ 3.50

Toro – tuna belly

$ 4.25

Yellow Fin Tuna

$ 4.25

Pepper seared tuna

$ 3.75

Ahi poke chop chop

$ 4.00

Negi Toro chop chop

$ 4.50


$ 3.75

Smoked Sockeye

$ 3.75


$ 3.50

Scallop chop chops

$ 4.00

Amaebi – sweet shrimp

$ 3.50

Ebi – boiled shrimp

$ 3.50

Tempura tiger prawn

$ 3.75


$ 3.25

Tamago egg

$ 3.00

Unagi – fresh water eel

$ 3.75

Beef grade AAA

$ 3.75


$ 3.50

Fusion Rolls

Sushi rolls with a twist

Dragon Roll

A jumbo dynamite roll topped with an assortment of sashimi (8 pieces)
$ 21.75

Lobster Roll

Garlic pan fried east coast lobster tail with fresh spinach, aioli sauce, and black sesame (8 pieces)
$ 19.75

Tiger Roll

Nori & soy paper combination with sweet shrimp, scallops, avocado, cucumber, green onion & tempura bits (10 pieces)
$ 19.00

Curry Roll

Prawn tempura, mango, red pepper & curry sauce (4 pieces)
$ 8.50

New York Roll

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & asparagus
$ 8.50

Yam Roll

Tempura yam with tamago, red pepper, fresh ginger & green onion
$ 7.00

Kryptonite Roll

Scallop, avocado, cucumber & wasabi mayo, rolled in green onion
$ 8.00

Tataki Roll

Pepper seared albacore tuna rolled with diakon
$ 7.50

West Fernie Roll

Spicy grade AAA beef, kimchi, sushi ginger & green onion (4 pieces)
$ 9.50

Calamari Roll

Calamari karaage, tempura yam & asparagus
$ 7.00

Gomae Roll

Steamed spinach, asparagus & creamy sesame dressing
$ 7.00

Fernie Steak & Chi Roll

Beef tataki, cream cheese, white onion, red peppers, green onion, garlic aioli sauce and sriracha
$ 9.50

Surf and Turf Roll

Soft shell crab karaage, AAA beef tataki, green onion & garlic chips (4 pieces)
$ 15.00

*Subsitute soy paper for $1.50 for rolls, $3.00 for jumbo rolls

Sashimi Sensations

Ahi Poke (A Hawaiian Favourite)

A premium cut of albacore tuna tossed in a soy sesame sauce & served with daikon, green onion, sesame seeds and a hint of wasabi
$ 14.00

Tuna Tataki

Premium cut of tuna, seasoned & seared. served with ponzu sauce
$ 14.00

Tuna Bomb

Tuna tossed in a spicy sauce & mixed with kimchi & cashew nuts
$ 15.00

Tuna Detonator

(a milder, sweeter little brother of the tuna bomb) tuna, avocado, korean chilli paste & sesame oil sauce
$ 15.00

Sashimi Carpaccio

tuna, salmon, snapper and scallop flavoured with a spicy yuzu dressing, dry miso and green onion
$ 16.00

Spicy Tuna or Salmon Sashimi

popular in japan
$ 19.00 / $21.00


Tonkotsu Shoyu

PORK AND CHICKEN BONE BROTH / Sous Vide Pork Belly, Ajitsuke Egg, Shoyu Tare, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, spring onion, black garlic sesame oil
$ 22.00

Miso Shoyu

RED MISO CHICKEN BONE BROTH / Sous Vide Pork Belly, Ajitsuke Egg, Shoyu Tare, sweet corn, bean sprouts, spring onion, Ito Togarashi, butter
$ 21.00

Vegetarian Ramen

CREAMY VEGETABLE BROTH / Miso Sesame Tare, roasted tomatoes, mushroom, carrot, spring onion, black garlic sesame oil.
$ 20.00

Garlic Chili Bomb

Crave Heat? Add some
$1 Per Bomb

*At this time we will be making NO substitutions or alterations

Aburi Nigiri

flamed sushi

Toro with ginger and green onion

$ 4.75

Scallop with Yuzu cream sauce

$ 4.25

Ebi with spicy mayo

Tuna tossed in a spicy sauce & mixed with kimchi & cashew nuts
$ 4.25

Salmon with ginger and green onion

$ 4.50


Full order 6 pieces – 1/2 order 3 pieces


$ 9.00 / 18.00


$ 10.00 / 20.00


$ 11.00 / 22.00


$ 9.00 / 18.00


$ 8.00 / 15.00

Yellow Fin Tuna

$ 11.00 / 22.00

Hand Rolls

shaped like a cone. choose your favourite & let us roll one up for you!
$ 9.00

Yamagoya reserves the right to charge a 20% gratuity
We try our best to accommodate special dietary needs and adhere to strict, raw food handling practices. In preparation we cannot guarantee there will be no ingredient cross mixing. If you have a dietary condition or food allergy and decide to dine at Yamagoya, you are doing so at your own risk.

Attention valued customers
All items on our menu are prepared from scratch – we do not pre-roll or microwave. During busy times certain items will arrive more quickly than others. If you are pressed for time, please ask your server for the quicker options. Patience is appreciated & will be rewarded with an awesome meal. Relax & Enjoy!

Ask your server about gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options



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